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The pinch clips are 4.5cm & 5.5 cm and snap clips are 5cm they are designed for medium/thick hair. They are slightly heavier than our 3cm and 4cm snap clips and therefore we do not recommend them for babies.

Glitter Tartan Hair Bows-Gold Red Glitter Tartan chunky red gold glitter fabric toddler girls teend Hair Bow
Glitter Tartan Hair Bows
£2.50 - £3.50
Silver Glitter Bows-Silver chunky glitter mirror fabric Girls Teens Childs  Hair Bow
Silver Glitter Bows
Pink Glitter Bows-pink glitter, girls, teens, toddler hair bows
Pink Glitter Bows
Christmas Holly Hair Bow-girls, toddler , childs, teen, holly fabric glitter fabric Hair bow
Christmas Holly Hair Bow
Red Glitter Bows-Chunky glitter mirror fabric suede fabric girls teens toddler hair bows
Red Glitter Bows
Rose Gold Bows-Rose Gold Chunky glitter faux leather Girls Teen Childs toddler hair bows
Rose Gold Bows
Purple Bows-glitter vynil velvet girls teens toddler hair bows
Purple Bows
Cute Tractor Hair Clip-Felt Tractor hair clip toddler girls teens
Cute Tractor Hair Clip
Girls Bunny Ears Glitter Hair Bow-White pink glitter fabric mulberry flowers 5.5cm alligator clip. Girls teens childs toddler hair bow
Girls Bunny Ears Glitter Hair Bow
Pastel Unicorn Hair Bow-Clay Unicorn felt Glitter fabric girls teeds kids toddler
Pastel Unicorn Hair Bow
Bunny Ears Girls Hair Bow-white crushed velvet rose faux leather sparkle vinyl girls teens childs bunny hair bow
Bunny Ears Girls Hair Bow
Girls Pretty Pink Hearts Hair Bow-White Pink Hearts Hair bow girls toddler teens child
Girls Pretty Pink Hearts Hair Bow
Elle the Elephant-Faux Suede pink glitter, elephant mulberry flowers
Elle the Elephant
Highland Cow-Clay highland cow pink tartan alligator clip Teens girls toddler Hair bow
Highland Cow
Rainbow Glitter Hair Bows-Rainbows Glitter Fabric alligator clip. Girls teens toddler adult Hair bow accessory
Rainbow Glitter Hair Bows
Bunny Bow- girls  childs toddler  bunny hair bow clip accessory felt
Bunny Bow
Tartan  Fabric Hair Bows-red tartan pink tartan fabric hair bows child toddler teens girls hair bows. photo prop
Tartan Fabric Hair Bows
Pretty  Glitter Lace Bows-Pretty Glitter Lace Hair Bows

Made with Glitter Fabric

overlaid with Pretty Lace.

In a choice of Silver Grey,Vibrant Red or Stunning Gold.

Finished on a 5.5cm alligator clip

Bow 8.5cm
Pretty Glitter Lace Bows
£3.75 - £10.25
Twinkle, Twinkle Stars Girls  Hair Bow-Gold, Red. Silver mettallic sparkle, glitter Girls teens, toddler, childs hair bow
Twinkle, Twinkle Stars Girls Hair Bow
£3.25 - £8.50
Leopard and Crushed Velvet Bows-Leopard faux fur crushed velvet girls teens childs hair bow accessory
Leopard and Crushed Velvet Bows
Faux Suede Hair Bows-Faux suede girls hair bow accessory clip 5.5cm alligator clip.
Faux Suede Hair Bows
£3.25 - £8.75
Faux Suede and Liberty Fabric Hair Bows-Liberty of london fabric faux suede Girls teen child hair bow accessory clip.
Faux Suede and Liberty Fabric Hair Bows
Navy Fabric Bows-Fabric Girls Teens Toddler Hair bows accessories Flora satin spotted.
Navy Fabric Bows
£3.25 - £8.75
Dreamy Deer-Artisan Deer Fabric faux suede girls  teens adult childs hair accesory bow metallic centre.
Dreamy Deer
Unicorn Set-Sparkle rainbow glitter fabric chunky white glitter fabric girls teens hair bow
Unicorn Set
Unicorn Glitter Hair Clip-Glitter Rainbow Unicorn Hair clip
Unicorn Glitter Hair Clip
Pink Love Hearts Bow-Pink Love hearts hair bow clip girls teen child toddler fabric leatherette
Pink Love Hearts Bow
Floral Tractor-Blooming floral tractor fabric felt backed pink faux suede girls teens childs hair bow
Floral Tractor
Floral Hair Bow- girls teens childs Floral glitter Hair bow 5.5cm alligator clip bow 8cm
Floral Hair Bow
Duo of Felt Hair Bows-Wool Felt girls teens childs hair bow glitter fabric
Duo of Felt Hair Bows
£3.00 - £5.50
Union Jack Girl Hair Bow-Union Jack Red White Blue Glitter Fabric Clay Girl Girls Teens Child Hair Bow Accessory
Union Jack Girl Hair Bow
Felt Union Jack Bow-Royal Union Jack Heart Clay Felt Bow Girls teens Childrens Hair Bow 5cm alligator clip
Felt Union Jack Bow
Felt Nautical Bow-Wool Belnd Felt Girls Hair Bow Nautical Teend Childs Hair accessory
Felt Nautical Bow
Balloon Bow-Glitter and Faux Leather Bow

Embellished with 3 Glitter Balloons,

Satin Ribbon and a Clay Flower. Girls Teens Child
Balloon Bow
Denim Bows-Denim Bows Hair Bows Girls Teen child Toddler Kids Felt Hair Clip
Denim Bows
Over the Rainbow-Glitter and Transparent Fabric with Clay Rainbow Embellishment.
Finished size aprox 8cm
Finished on a 5cm alligator clip Girls Teens Childs Hair Bow Rainbow
Over the Rainbow
Glitter and Felt Personalised Initial Bow-Initial personalised glitter felt hair bow girls teens child hair accessories
Glitter and Felt Personalised Initial Bow
Double Rainbow Glitter Bow-Rainbow glitter bow Girls Child Teen Hair bow accessory
Double Rainbow Glitter Bow
Birthday Bow-Birthday Bow Glitter Wool Felt Number age Baby Toddler Girls teens Hair Bow Accessories
Birthday Bow
Unicorn Ribbon Bows-Unicorn Grosgrain ribbon bows  11cm  5.5 cm crocodile clip with teeth ,spikes Girls Teens Child Toddler hair bow accessory
Unicorn Ribbon Bows
Unicorn Ribbon Bow with  Unicorn Feltie center-Unicorn Ribbon Bow Unicorn Feltie center 

bow aprox 11cm

on a 5.5 alligator clip wih teeth girls teens child hair bow hair accessory
Unicorn Ribbon Bow with Unicorn Feltie center
Mermaid - Under the Sea-Mermaid Glitter Bow - Seahorse bow- irridescent glitter bow - girls hair accessory - mermaid
Mermaid - Under the Sea
Glitter and Vinyl  Bows-Glitter fabric vinyl Hair bow Girls teens adult Hair accessory
Glitter and Vinyl Bows
£3.50 - £9.50
Glitter  and Faux Leather Bows 1-Glitter Faux Leather bow hair bows childs toddler teens hair accesories
Glitter and Faux Leather Bows 1
£3.50 - £9.50
Little Ballerina Bow-Ballerina fabric Wool blend felt bows Glitter fabric childs toddler teens hair bow
Little Ballerina Bow
Bo Bunny-wool blend Felt Rabbit  5cm Pinch clip Child toddler teens Girls embroidered hair clip
Bo Bunny
Princess With Crown Glitter Bow-princess crown hair bow glitter sparkly
Princess With Crown Glitter Bow
Vintage Rose Hairbow-
Vintage Rose Hairbow
£3.50 - £3.95
Animal Print Bow-
Animal Print Bow
Large Knot Bow-
Large Knot Bow
Girls Glitter Bows-Glitter Sparkle Girls Teen adult childs double bow Hair acessories
Girls Glitter Bows
Girls Faux Leather and Glitter Bows-Bow  girls child teen toddler Glitter Faux Leather hair acessories
Girls Faux Leather and Glitter Bows
Sparkle Glitter and Iridescent Bow-Glitter Iriedescent Vinyl Hair Bow Girls Teens ToddlerHair Accessory
Sparkle Glitter and Iridescent Bow
Usha the Unicorn-Felt Embroidered Unicorn Snap Clip Hair Accessory Girls Toddler Teens Hair Clip
Usha the Unicorn
Leatherette Unicorn Bow-Faux Leather Unicorn Bow Hair Accessory Toddler Girl Teens
Leatherette Unicorn Bow
£2.50 - £3.00
Princesses - Girls-princess Ariel Cinderella Belle Jasmim Felt Embroidered Hair Clips Toddler Girls Hair Accessories
Princesses - Girls
Out of Stock
Large Hairbow - Red-
Large Hairbow - Red
Bonny Bear-Felt bear embroidered  hair clip hand made baby toddler teen hair acessory
Bonny Bear
Rainbow-Rainbow  felt embroidered hair clip on ribbon baby girls teens hand made photo prop
White and Pink Felt Flower on Pink Felt Covered Clip-White and Pink Felt Flower on Pink Felt Covered Clip Pearl center photo pop girls teens
White and Pink Felt Flower on Pink Felt Covered Clip
Fairy-Fairy Felt Feltie Clip Clippie Snap Clip
Baby Toddler Girls
Fairy Castle-Felt Fairy Castle Embroidered Baby Toddler Girl Teens Snap Clip
Fairy Castle
Angel-Angel feltie felt  toddler hair clip
Mrs T Pot-Mrs Potts Belle Embroiled hair clip Felt Toddler Girls Teens covered  Snap clip Hair Accessory
Mrs T Pot
Dusty the Dog-Wool Felt Buster Dog Hair  Snap Clip  Hair Accessory Baby Toddler Girl Teens
Dusty the Dog
Felt Bow with Pearl and Rhinestone Center-Felt Bow Pearl Center 5cm Snap clip 
Toddler Girl Teen Hair Clip Accessory
Felt Bow with Pearl and Rhinestone Center
Ted The Bear-Teddy Bear, Felt, Hair, Clip. Girls
Ted The Bear
Scottie Dog-Toddler, Girls, Felt, Hair, Clip
Scottie Dog
Kitty Felt Bow-Kitty felt bow girls hair clip
Kitty Felt Bow
Out of Stock
Spring Floral Flower - Pinch Clip-
Spring Floral Flower - Pinch Clip
Piggi (Pinch Clip)-peppa pig girls hair clip
Piggi (Pinch Clip)
Red Double Knotted Hair Bow - (approx 10cm)-
Red Double Knotted Hair Bow - (approx 10cm)
Felt Flower Cluster (lilac)-felt flower cluster hair clip
Felt Flower Cluster (lilac)
Monkey (pinch clip)-girls monkey hair clip
Monkey (pinch clip)
Felt Dog (pinch clip)-felt dog hair clip accessory
Felt Dog (pinch clip)
Owl (pinch clip)-owl pinch clip hair accessory slide
Owl (pinch clip)
"Minnie" Bow (pinch clip)-minnie mouse hair bow hairclip clip
"Minnie" Bow (pinch clip)
Bunny (pinch clip)-felt bunny pinch clip hair
Bunny (pinch clip)
Cow (pinch clip)-cow face pinch clip hair clip girls
Cow (pinch clip)
White and Navy Felt Flower-navy and white felt flower hairclip
White and Navy Felt Flower
Red and White Felt Flower-red and white felt flower hairclip
Red and White Felt Flower
Princess Crown-girls princess crown hair clip
Princess Crown
Mouse Hair Clip-minnie mouse hair clip
Mouse Hair Clip
Pink Horse Hair clip (pinch clip)-pink horse head hair clip
Pink Horse Hair clip (pinch clip)
Navy and White Flower-
Navy and White Flower
Rose Pink Floral Print Flower Clip-
Rose Pink Floral Print Flower Clip
Blue Floral Print Flower Clip-
Blue Floral Print Flower Clip
Felt Layer Flower Pinch Clip-
Felt Layer Flower Pinch Clip
Ballet Shoes - Hair Clip-
Ballet Shoes - Hair Clip
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